2021 Competition Results

Overall Results

Best Overall: Preez Distillery | Vodka

2nd Best Overall: Antler Run Distilling | Hand-crafted Apple

3rd Best Overall: Cleveland Distillery | Shipmates Rum

Results by Category


Gold: Motor City Gas Distillery

Silver: Oakhurst Distillery

Bronze: Legends 100 Bourbon


Gold: Northern Row Distillery

Silver: Antler Run Distilling

Bronze: Third Avenue Distilling


Gold: Hood Crest Distillery | Apple Brandy

Silver: Hood Crest Distillery | Grappa

Bronze: Northern Row Distillery


Gold: Preez Distillery

Silver: Silver Tree Distilling

Bronze: Legends Vodka


Gold: Cleveland Distillery

Silver: Northern Row Distillery

Bronze: Rotten Little Bastard

Specialty Spirits

Gold: Antler Run Distilling | Hand Crafted Apple

Silver: Preez Distillery | Apricot Liqueur

Bronze: Antler Run Distilling | The Cherry Stuff

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