Hands-on Workshop February 2024



Reserved spot for 3 days at the Ultimate 3-Day Hands-on Distilling Workshop. Learn from award-winning distiller Todd Buckley and master distillers Darin & Randy Kyle, owners of Quartz Mountain Distillers.

  • Workshop dates: 2/23 – 2/25, 2024 (for the May 2024 Workshop, please click here)
  • Reserved spot for all 3 days
  • Includes a free Lifetime Access membership to DistilleryUniversity.com online courses (including all footage from this Workshop – $499 value!)
  • Includes supplemental materials including PowerPoint presentations, business plan, fundraising slide deck, and more.
  • Includes invitations to any After-Hours Events throughout the weekend
  • Your future distillery will be featured prominently on the Alumnus Directory

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Unlock the Alchemy of Spirits: Your Exclusive Pass to the Ultimate Distilling Workshop

Are you tired of browsing countless distilling tutorials online only to be left with more questions than answers? Have you ever dreamt of crafting your own signature blend of spirits? If so, then read on. We've crafted an experience that goes beyond mere theory, delivering you straight into the hands-on world of distillation.

What You Get: An All-Access Pass

  • Reserved Spot for All 3 Days: This is an immersive weekend event, and your seat is waiting for you.
  • Lifetime Access Membership: Not only do you get face-to-face time with experts, but you also get lifetime access to DistilleryUniversity.com, including all the workshop footage—a $499 value at no extra cost.
  • Supplementary Toolkit: Receive Powerpoint presentations, a business plan template, fundraising slide deck, and more, giving you a holistic educational package.
  • Exclusive Invitations: Join us for After-Hours Events throughout the weekend, a priceless networking opportunity.

Your Professors: Industry Titans

  • Todd Buckley: Covers everything from the history of American distilling to the nuances of alcohol biology and chemistry.
  • Darin Kyle & Randy Kyle: Owners of Quartz Mountain Distillers, they'll walk you through the practicalities of operating high-grade distilling equipment, fermentation, bottling, labeling and the day to day operations inside the distillery. .

Hands-On Experience

  • Real Equipment, Real Spirits: For the first time, you're in control. Manage a professional-grade reflux still and distill your own spirits.
  • Your Own Masterpiece: Bring home a bottle of your crafted spirits, fine-tuned to your preferred strength and flavor profile.
  • End-to-End Mastery: From mashing and fermentation to bottling, labeling, and blending, this workshop leaves no stone unturned.

Why This Workshop Is Unlike Any Other

You're not just learning; you're doing. This is as real as it gets. Whether you're a beginner looking for a comprehensive distilling overview or an advanced distiller aiming to refine your craft, this workshop is your stepping stone to distilling success.

Time is of the Essence

Spots are limited and filling up rapidly. Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to elevate your distilling game.



Industry expert Todd Buckley covers:

Welcome to the Beverage Alcohol Industry
History of Distilling in America
Regulation Highlights to Distill in the US
The Competitive Landscape of Spirits in the US

Introduction to Biology: Fermentation
Grains, Fruits and Yeast
Yeast Strains

Introduction to Chemistry: Alcohol
Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropanol
Organic Acids
Ethylene and Ethyl Ether

Vodka/Whiskey/Gin Distillation
Properly Using a Hydrometer
Substrate Choices
Achieving 190 proof

Brandy Distillation
Fruit Choices
Achieving 160 proof

Botanicals Blending for Gin
Botanical Choices
Maceration, Decoction and Infusion

Brewing Skill for Whiskey Distillation and Aging
Substrate Choices
Distillation Techniques

Introduction to Physics: Distillation
Heating, Reflux and Condensation
Still Design
Weight, Volume and Temperature

The hands-on instruction will take place at the very well-equipped Quartz Mountain Distillers. Owner and distilling expert Darin Kyle will walk us through how to operate his equipment, preparing a mash for fermentation and what considerations need to be made in creating a perfect batch of spirits. Darin and Todd will be on hand to answer any and all questions you might have about any aspect of running a distillery.

No other Workshop allows you to actually take control of a professional-grade reflux still and produce your own batch of spirits under the supervision of award-winning distillers.

If you’re looking to get ACTUAL hands-on experience, this is the Workshop for you. We’ll have a mash already made up for you, so all you have to focus on is getting your spirits to come out just right.

After your spirits run is complete, you’ll then be shown how to blend with distilled water in order to get the strength and flavor profile you’re looking for. From there, you’ll bottle your finished spirit and take it home with you!

Topics to be covered in the hands-on portion of the class are:

  • Mashing
    • Grain choice
    • Temperatures
  • Fermentation
    • Choosing the base product
    • Yeast choice
    • Vessel choice
  • Distillation
    • Making the cuts
    • Temperature choice
    • Equipment design/performance
    • Still performance
  • Bottling
  • Blending
  • Labeling