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Meet Our Presenters

Todd Buckley

Todd Buckley

Director of Education

Trading in silicon chips for copper stills, Todd Buckley is a technologist turned distiller. He has worked at Intel and Microsoft and has been instrumental in producing award-winning gin and vodka. He is the founder of Destiny Spirits and Lecturer in Social Media and consultant within the spirits industry.

Todd is well-known for the award-winning gin he made at the Bellewood Distillery. In 2014, his hand-crafted spirit scored a 94 from the Beverage Tasting Institute, beating out such notable gins as Beefeater, Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire. He’ll be sharing his experiential secrets as well as his technical knowledge in this 5-week Workshop that is not to be missed.

Dan Bariault

Dan Bariault

Guest Speaker

With thirty-eight years of experience in corporate law, tax, securities. business formation, and business transactions. Mr. Bariault has significant experience is business startups and has a strong regulatory background. He has also been an Adjunct Faculty member for three different university teaching graduate business courses in finance, small business development, securities and portfolio analysis, valuation analysis, and international marketing and management.

Mr. Bariault’s law firm has been a leading voice in specialized industries like craft distilling for several years.

Austin Roach

Austin Roach

Guest Speaker

From a very young (but not too young) age, Austin Roach has been enamored with ferments and distillates. A firm believer that there is a time and place for everything, Austin has tended every sort of bar from fine dining and speakeasies to neighborhood pizza and tiki. Drawing from this diverse spectrum of experience, Austin holds a keen understanding of what, when, where, with whom, and with what folks drink.


Industry expert Todd Buckley covers:

    • Welcome to the Beverage Alcohol Industry
      • History of Distilling in America
      • Regulation Highlights to Distill in the US
      • The Competitive Landscape of Spirits in the US
    • Business Structures
    • Business Models
    • Business Plans
    • Introduction to Biology: Fermentation
      • Grains, Fruits and Yeast
      • Yeast Strains
    • Introduction to Chemistry: Alcohol
      • Ethanol, Methanol, Isopropanol
      • Organic Acids
      • Ethylene and Ethyl Ether
      • Esters
      • Filtration
    • Vodka distillation
      • Properly Using a Hydrometer
      • Substrate Choices
      • Achieving 190 proof
      • Filtration
      • Proofing
      • Bottling
    • Brandy Distillation
      • Fruit Choices
      • Achieving 160 proof
      • Filtration
      • Proofing
      • Bottling
    • Botanicals Blending for Gin
      • Botanical Choices
      • Maceration, Decoction and Infusion
      • Filtration
      • Proofing
      • Bottling
    • Brewing Skill for Whiskey Distillation and Aging
      • Substrate Choices
      • Fermentation
      • Distillation Techniques
      • Aging
      • Filtration
      • Proofing
      • Bottling
    • Introduction to Physics: Distillation
    • Heating, Reflux and Condensation
    • Still Design
    • Weight, Volume and Temperature

Seasoned bartender Austin Roach will instruct the class on:

  • How to get your spirit placed in bars and restaurants
  • Bottle design best practices
  • How to design a spirit based on cocktails
  • Label design best practices
  • Current landscape of cocktail and craft spirits culture

Experienced attorney Dan Bariault will cover topics such as:

  • Business formulation
  • Working with government agencies
  • Trademarks/copyrights
  • Legal compliance
  • Realities of entering the craft distilling industry: a legal perspective

Our previous students have enjoyed a great deal of success after attending our Hands-on Workshops, but we often hear how difficult it is to put life on pause and join us for a full weekend in Seattle. So, to make it as easy as possible for you to access a comprehensive education in distilling, we’ve decided to bring the Workshop to you!

The content covered in the Online Workshop is the same as what you would find at the Hands-on Workshop, with the exception of the hands-on activities we normally perform. You will still have the same opportunity to ask questions and get individualized responses from the instructors.

Workshop dates (all Tuesday and Thursday evenings): 5/26, 5/28, 6/2, 6/4, 6/9, 6/11, 6/16, 6/18, 6/23 and 6/25

Class time: All students should log in to the Online Workshop by 6pm PST. Class will begin at 6:15 PST and end at 7:15 PST.

Interaction: You’ll be able to communicate in realtime with the instructors via your keyboard. Bring all your questions!

Software Used: We’ll be using GoToWebinar, which is a very easy-to-use online tool. You won’t need to download anything, just simply follow the link in the confirmation email we send you.


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