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Believe it or not, Distillery University started out as something completely different.  Several years ago, co-founder Rockwell Rutter got it into his head that he wanted to be the owner of Spokane, Washington’s newest craft distillery.  He went through all the same motions many of you have; endless Google searches, poring over every book on the topic he could find, even pestering the real professionals in a search for more and more information.  Over several months, Rockwell found that he was nowhere near being ready to open his distillery.  There simply wasn’t enough education out there.

In the course of his searching, however, he found there were a number of hands-on workshops available, but these were all far too expensive, in terms of both the tuition and in the amount of time he would have to take away from his busy life.  In that moment, it seemed like his dream of starting a distillery was dead.

Then inspiration struck.  What if he could bring that same hands-on education to every would-be distiller all over the world?  What if he could help people just like him achieve their own dreams of distillery ownership?  Soon after, Distillery University was born.

While nothing can ever truly replace the experience you get with actually running the equipment and getting your hands dirty, we believe Distillery University is the absolute best online educational resource for those wanting to start their own craft distillery.  No where else will you get structured learning from real professionals who want you to succeed in this growing industry.

It’s our goal to continually update our content with cutting-edge information, plus interviews and reports from real distillers, many of whom you’ll likely recognize by name.  If there’s anything you feel we’re missing, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and let us know.  We want to be your number one resource as you move ever closer to accomplishing your goal: opening your own craft distillery!


The Distillery University Team

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